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The city has an estimated population of 65,600 according to the 2013 state census. The surrounding metropolitan area has a population of approximately 264,133. This makes the surrounding area a midsized metropolitan area in the state of Washington. The Columbia River borders the south side of the city. Farming is the main source of the city's industrial tax base including many wineries. The area receives over seven inches of rain fall each year with the heaviest months being November through January.

Recreational Activity

If you like spicy, Pasco is the place for you, attend the Fiery Foods Festival in September and put your taste buds to the fiery challenges that await you. Additional activities to be found here include the port of Pasco and the port of Pasco Industrial Park. If you’re looking for shopping try the Westside Shopping Center or the Griggs shopping center.


The Pasco Intermodal train station links to the Amtrak system and can take you to Seattle or to Spokane with intermediate points and connections. In addition, the nearby tri-city airport provides commercial service to the SeaTac airport and also to cities such as Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles. There are also transportation resources to support the barge traffic for the Columbia and Snake rivers.


Large employers such as Boise Cascade, Tyson Foods and the Hanford Nuclear Reactor are in the area. Agriculture is important and there are significant food processing companies.

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